ŠKODA Octavia RS

From $55,490+orc

The ŠKODA Octavia RS and RS245’s impressive power and torque numbers only tell part of the story. It’s when you hear the distinctive sound of air rushing through the turbocharger’s spinning turbine and feel your whole body being pushed back into its sports seats as you race off the line, that you truly understand that you are behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car.

The powerful combination of aesthetics and functionality see the design of the new Octavia RS and RS245 triumph over the competition.

  • 5 Year/150,000kms warranty
  • 180kW 370Nm TSI turbo petrol
  • 7-speed DSG or 6-speed manual tranmsissions
  • 19" XTREME gloss black alloy wheels
  • Alcantara leather interior with sports seats

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Model Highlights

Race Ready Styling

The new Octavia RS and RS245 lead the pack in design and safety. Winner of the 2017 Red Dot Design award for the Octavia Wagon, the jury of 40 leading international designers were most impressed by the clean and clear-cut lines that feature across the car, inspired by Bohemian crystal glass art.

Build your own using the link below, and email the configuration to our sales team sales@gazley.com.

Exterior Design


Sportiness and powerful performance are the signature characteristics of this top-notch petrol engine with a 7-speed DSG transmission.

  • Top Speed:
  • 0-100:
  • Torque:
  • 250km/h
  • 6.6s
  • 370Nm

Interior Design

Safety Features

The Front Assist is a collision-alert safety system. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences. It also performs an emergency stop if a pedestrian dangerously attempts to cross the path of the car.

With its advanced Adaptive Cruise Control cleverly matching the speed of other road traffic users and Lane Keep Assist ensuring you don’t wander over the white lines, the ŠKODA Octavia Sedan works hard to offer you next-level motorway driving.

Blind Spot Detect helps the driver to change lanes safely by registering any vehicles in the blind spot. Two radar sensors located in the lower part of the rear bumper monitor the area beside and up to 20 metres behind the ŠKODA Octavia.

When reversing out of parking bays, Rear Traffic Alert recognises vehicles approaching from the sides. An acoustic signal warns of an impending collision. The “critical side” is shown first in yellow and then in red on the infotainment display. The brakes are applied automatically if necessary.

Driver Alert reduces the risk of a fatigue-induced emergency. By monitoring driver behaviour, the system assesses the degree of driver fatigue and, if necessary, warns of the need for a rest and break in the journey.

The Octravia’s rigid body can be fitted with up to 9 airbags. Driver and passenger front & side airbags protecting the front occupants, with curtain airbags providing all-round protection and driver knee airbags.

Simply Clever

The OCtavia RS

Octavia RS

Manual from $55,490+orc
Automatic from $57,490+orc
  • 180kW 370Nm TSI turbo petrol engine
  • 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic
  • 0-100 in 6.6s
  • Adaptive cruise control with lane assist and blind spot detect
  • COLUMBUS infotainment system with Smartlink+ incl. Apply Carplay & Android Auto
  • CANTON 10-speakers & subwoofer
  • 19" XTREME gloss black alloy wheels
  • RS sports seats with Alcantara leather interior
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